Who is Mrs Umbels?

An Umbel or umbellifer is a flower shape, think Cow Parsley.. all the stems originate from one central point and extend to the same length, if you turned it upside down it would look like an umbrella.  


I'm Sarah and I am, to all intents and purposes, Mrs Umbels. It's not my surname but it probably should be!  I have lots of experience when it comes to flowers.  I have been growing flowers for over 10 years both for myself and in other large private gardens.  I gained most of my horticultural knowledge in the Cotswolds where I trained and qualified in both horticulture and floristry.  I love growing flowers. There is a incredible satisfaction and joy that comes from picking them early in the morning and then creating them into a beautiful design later in the day.  I am constantly inspired by nature and I strive to grow as organically as I can.  I do, of course, buy flowers in from other suppliers, if at all possible the blooms will be British but if not British they will always be seasonal.